03/10   A new hat hangs on the rack.       "beedehat" .            

We welcome video artist beede this spring (2010). As "beedehat" on YouTube, he
has already created five wonderful music videos in collaboration with New
England Composer Peter Sky.

Beede scans old stereoscope cards into the computer, then zooms you into worlds of
long ago.

RED --BLUE:  Do you have a pair of red-blue cellophane glasses saved, perhaps,  
from a 3d movie?   You can view beedehat's 3d video, "Leap of Faith" in three
dimensions.  You can fly into waterfalls and leap tall mountains .

DOUBLE IMAGE:  To see the 3D more clearly and in full color, Google "Loreo Pixi"
and you will find a bargain viewer for $5 or less.

Beede has a lot more videos
on YouTube. Look for  "beedehat" .

Three new CDs of Peter Sky songs are ready for listening at your favorite download
site.  Google "Peter Sky" and "Christmas Presence", or "Peter Sky" and
"Immersions", or "Peter Sky" and "Indigo Rain" to hear the sound samples.

Radio listeners in northwest Massachusetts can hear Peter improvise  twice a week
on WMCB-LPFM 107.9, at Greenfield, MA.  Over his radio show, "Flying High With
Peter Sky,"  Peter broadcasts his improvisations on Monday afternoons from 2 PM
to 4 PM, and again on Saturdays.

Techmark Artist 'fluteler' is working on accelerating metronomes, and we look
forward to hearing from him soon.  Meanwhile, enjoy playing along - on any
instrument - with his  'play-along' duets on YouTube.  The music scrolls up the
screen as you play.

Madama Bubuluskiaa continues her happy dance, delighting in each moment,
health being her happiness.
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